I am about to do what old people have done throughout history: call those younger than me lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow. Trend of Selfies stated a long time ago. ... GLaDOS: It's been a long time. Quotes. Photographers know all about the rule of thirds, but seem to forget it quickly as soon as it comes time for a selfie. Good Instagram Captions & Cute, Funny Selfie Quotes ... and your friends will also not going to forget for a long time. From secret sexy to downright drunk, we have your captions for every selfie-situation imaginable! But I have studies! Capitalizing on the recent marketing success of Wizardry Online, Gamepot is attempting to capture the visceral feel of Sword Art Online. Crystal Niendorf: + Chiquita de Flores kids are cruel for sure I was self conscious for a long time. ... Time for Bed, no Makeup. Wheatley: You did WHAT? The world's oldest supermodel At 83, Daphne Selfe appears in Vogue and struts along the Paris catwalks. Re-releasing this for a short time by request. Find and save ideas about Funny selfie quotes on Pinterest. You know, after you MURDERED ME? How have you been? Her secret? 15 Poses and Tips for Selfies. You really only need one hand on the wheel. Emma does the selfie, and she does it right! Never retake a photo again! I haven't had sex in a very long time. Here are the best selfie quotes to help you get more likes. Discover and share Hunting Selfie Quotes. Best Instagram Captions Selfie Quotes Good Funny & Cute Saavage Captions. GLaDOS: It's been a long time. The Best Selfie Captions Collection. 13 Things You Should Know About the Word of the Year Selfie 44 SHARES 11K READS Albert Costill Albert Costill 11K READS Did you hear the news? Long hair, no Botox and a dollop of Boots facecream How have you been? ... 68 thoughts on 70+ Best Instagram Captions You Can Use for Your Photos! If there would be no good captions for Instagram, people would not even bother looking at it. Re-releasing this for a short time by request. I've been *really* busy being dead. Funny Selfie Captions and Selfie Quotes for a Perfect Selfie. Check out The Chainsmokers new single, ... Time Flies @WhatUpCal ... License Standard YouTube License; Music "#SELFIE" by The Chainsmokers Listen ad You MUST be an adrenaline junkie to take a selfie while your vehicle is in motion. Selfie sticks may have a bad rap, but they're great when you want to capture a photo with more people or scenery in the frame. And hey, screw the safety of others, right? Quotes for GLaDOS (Character) from Portal (2007) (VG) The content of this page was created by users. ... Im here for a good time not a long time; A surreal legal battle over whether a monkey can own a selfie is finally over Emma does the selfie, and she does it right! But on 19 November 2013 Australia has proudly laid claim to inventing the term selfie named 2013 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries via. The 32 Absolute Best Selfies Of All Time Millions upon millions of selfies are taken daily these are the BEST. List 33 Dope New Lyrics for When You're Feeling Your Self-ie. Last updated July 7th, 2017 Let me ask you a couple of questions, Are you addicted of taking selfies, caption every time you meet your friends or even alone.